White Knight At The Double

WhiteKnight Records have not wasted any time in 2017 releasing these two excellent albums, Allan Reed ex Pallas front-man for over 25 years shows just why he is held in such high regard by Prog lovers and musicians alike.
C-Sides, ex members of the finishing school of Prog Magenta make an eagerly awaited follow-up to Divitrification. WOW Folks Enjoy!


Alan Reed

Honey On The Razer Edge


£9.00 + P&P



We Are Now

£9.00 + P&P



Blackfield - V. CD

One of the most intriguing and successful collaborations in Prog are back for their fifth studio album and in full creative mode - Steven and Aviv Thank You!

CD only £9.49 + P&P    




Ray Wilson - Makes Me Think Of Home. CD

One of the most distinguished and remarkable voices of our music and one hell of a writer. This latest offering will not disappoint those looking for songwriting excellence. A classic mix of Rock, Pop and Prog.

£10.95 + P&P    


Kepler Ten - Delta-V. CD

Another great release from Jon Mitchell's White Star label, check out this heady mix of Progressive Metal Rock in the style of Rush, Ayreon, Dream Theater etc.. 

£8.45 + P&P   



Retrospective - Re:Search. CD

A strong offering from the Polish ProgHeads, classic mix of Prog, Metal, Classic Rock and more, the five year wait is over Retro fans. 

£9.95 + P&P   



Red Sand - 1759. CD

The long time Caerllysi Music Favourites are back with their finest opus to date, steeped in the best traditions of Neo Progressive Rock, the Canadians always deliver.

CD. £8.85 + P&P



Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn. CD


The word legend is often used too loosely just like the term progressive but, Oldfield truly can claim rights to both being used alongside his name, the 1975 Ommadawn is still regarded by many as his finest work, Mike returns to that musical spirit with two monster tracks for us to savour.

CD = £9.65 + P&P

CD+DVD = £12.25 + P&P



The Aurora Project - World Of Grey. CD

Powerful concept album from the Dutch band that mixes melodic with hard edged Prog Metal, their most accessible album to date, not to be missed!

£8.85 + P&P



Submarine Silence - Journey Through Mine. CD

Moongarden's Cristiano Roversi and David Cremoni's side project which is now as popular as the main band itself, very Neo-Prog instrumentally, steeped in the UK prog Genesis inspired. 

£9.95 + P&P



Taproban - Per Aspera Ad Astra. CD

Taproban are everything thats special about Italian Prog, better known for their outstanding contribution to the Musea's Colossus Project their last album Strigma received great critical acclaim, check these guys out! 

£9.95 + P&P           


Paidarion Finlandia Project - Two Worlds Encounter. CD

Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog) returns with another very special Prog Project, once again the high quality booklet presentation which includes 20 page booklet compliments this outstanding musicians work.

£9.45 + P&P



Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part Two. CD 

The ex BBT man returns with the second installment of the highly successful Once Upon A Time project.

£9.95 + P&P




RPWL -  Plays Pink Floyd The Man And The Journey. CD+DVD 

£13.99 + P&P


Two of the finest European bands show us just why the genre is in such a healthy state as the level of live performance musicianship continues to rise, enjoy the experience.

Leap Day - Live At The Northern Prog Festival. CD 

£9.79 + P&P




t - epistrophobia. CD

Thomas Thielen (Scythe) returns with the latest chapter of the t project, his versatility is now legendary and his sparkling affluence here in what is his most balanced and melodic opus to date.

£9.95 + P&P  




Kaipa Da Capo - Darskapens Monotoni. CD

The Majestic Mr Stolt and members of the original Kaipa line-up plus guests recreate that vintage Swedish Prog sound in 2016!

£10.95 + P&P



Big Big Train - A Stone's Throw From The Line. 2xCD

Currently and rightly so, the Kings of UK Prog live recorded in London August 2015.

£10.25 + P&P



Magenta - Chaos From The Stage. DVD+CD 

 If you were unfortunate to miss their live performance, here you can get a feel of how superb it was, Rob, Tina, Chris & Co at their very best, top quality Prog as always. 

£11.75 + P&P



Maschine - Naturalis. CD

Luke Machin (Kiama) is one of the young UK guitarists driving the progressive scene here, all is revealed in his own explosive style - Rock On!

£11.25 + P&P



Flor de Loto - Árbol De La Vida. CD

Cult Peruvian Prof Folk outfit championed by the great Musea label, The band have been active for 15 years now and their music whilst Celtic Folk in it's roots travels to all genres, check them out! 

£10.25 + P&P



Eyesberg - Masquerade. CD 

Steeped in the best traditions of Neo Prog, Eyesberg return with another top drawer slice of classic 80's styles mixed with their own unique trade mark sound.

£9.79 + P&P



White Knight Records Releases 

Once again we are proud to announce three new musical progressive classics from our elite stable of creative artists, commitment to quality music as always is our motto.

All three are very different and all have that stamp of excellence!   




£9.00 + P&P

Eden Shadow

Melodies For Maladies

£9.00 + P&P

25 Yard Screamer 

Keep Sending Signals

£9.00 + P&P



Blind Ego - Liquid. CD

Kalle Wallner RPWL's axe-man's latest solo release, no-one tortures a guitar like Kalle, as always lots of amazing guitar parts, long notes scream in desperation. Lovely stuff! 

£10.45 + P&P  



The Anchoress - Confessions of a Romance Novelist. 2xCD

New version of the award winning debut album described by PROG Magazine as Kate Bush "Hounds of Love" update for the 21st Century!

£10.25 + P&P 



Jadis - No Fear of Looking Down. CD

One of progressive music's most exciting combinations, Gary Chandler and Martin Orford are reunited, creating echoes of the magical "More Than Meets The Eye", Gary's mesmerising rich vocals and guitars are complimented by Martin's keyboard solos, flute, piano and backing vocals - Fantastic Stuff.

£9.75 + P&P    


The Far Meadow - Given The Impossible. CD

Eagerly awaited album from the London outfit, steeped in the roots of classic rock and prog with splashes of many other musical influences, an exiting find by the Bad Elephant Label.

£9.49 + P&P



Izz - Ampersand, Volume 2. CD

Twelve new studio tracks from one of the USA's leading lights in progressive songwriting with their melody and diversity of styles and sounds quality rules!

£8.49 + P&P



Glass Hammer - Valkyrie. CD

Valkyrie is the bands "Dark side of the Moon" or "Sergent Pepper" ! - Epic story centred around a soldier trapped in an endless war, all the special GH ingredients are on board - Enjoy Folks!

£9.35 + P&P



The Gift - Why The Sea Is Salt. CD

The strongest statement yet from this symphonic and melodic Prog outfit, guests include our own Peter Jones and Genesis greats Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett - Excellent stuff!

£9.49 + P&P



Verbal Delirium - The Imprisoned Words Of Fear. CD

The very talented Greek band are back with another effort theatrical as always, beautiful and haunting melodies with endless changes of pace and rhythm with dark power packed riffs, Wow!!!

£9.49 + P&P 


Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey: The Destroyer Of Worlds. CD

John Mitchell's new label White Star Records unveil their first signing with this exciting five piece, so check these guys out! 

£10.25 + P&P



Riverside - Eye Of The Soundscape. 2xCD Mediabook

Special edition 2xCD media-book with 32 page booklet which includes 4 new tracks plus 9 previously released bonus tracks that are a great insight into why they are now a major worldwide force in our music.

£12.99 + P&P



Marillion - F E A R (F*** Everyone And Run). CD

Sixty eight minutes of uncompromising Prog, Marillian continue their late career renaissance with this dangerous dark and intense offering - Not a "singles" track in sight, Enjoy!

£10.25 + P&P


Aisles - Hawaii. 2xCD

Double album with an exciting blend of neo and art rock, a real breakthrough album for the band.

£10.99 + P&P



Edensong - Years In The Garden Of Years. CD

Eight year wait is over folks, Prog Rock and Classic Metal combine, innovative and compulsive lush keyboards meet orchestral excellence - superb stuff!

£9.85 + P&P



Half Past Four - Land of the Blind. EPCD

One of Canada's leading eclectic Prog outfits, they are virtuoso musicians an have been compared to the likes of King Crimson, Izz and Yes - This is a sound rewarding investment.

£4.95 + P&P



Steven Wilson - Transience. CD

Fourteen tracks over an hour of Wilson at his most accessible - songwriting at its very best!

£8.49 + P&P



The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional. CD 

By popular demand one of the most talked about outfits in Prog! - Your chance to find out just why!

£9.85 + P&P



Dec Burke (Frost* / Darwins Radio) - Book Of Secrets. CD

Caerllysi Fav! and former WhiteKnight artist is back with his latest opus - Class as always!

£9.75 + P&P



TCP - Temporal Chaos. CD

Caerllysi proudly brings you direct from the band one of USA's best exponents of marrying the old and new of Prog. Full of 70's influences and traits enriched by darker catchier jazz and metal bursts. Classic vocals and imaginative musical passages explore fully the Prog horizon.

Happy days Folks, Will -  Caerllysi Music.

£9.25 + P&P




The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness. CD

Always a major musical event, a new studio opus from Bruce and the boys. This is their bravest album, to date and they have cast their net far and wide for guests to compliment the compositions these include Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), John Helliwell (Supertramp) and Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan). T.P.T. are alive and rolling!

£9.65 + P&P




Barock Project - Vivo. 2xCD

Celebrating 10 years of classic symphonic prog. Two hours of the musical evolution of the Barock Project, recorded live in 2015, includes an unreleased studio track and a memorable Genesis cover track.

£13.85 + P&P





Dream The Electric Sleep - Beneath The Dark Wide Sky. CD

Cross over Prog at its very finest, this young band continue to push the envelope and bring new influences to the table - Check them out now!

£9.95 + P&P



Eddie Mulder - Horizons. CD

Second solo release from the Flamborough Head, Leap Day and Trion man, twelve new tracks plus 5 live bonus ones - Dutch Prog at it's Finest

£9.79 + P&P each



Edison's Children - Somewhere Between Here And There. CD

Pete Trewavas (Marillion and Transatlantic) is back with what he describes as a bridge album to take the band from the last epic th the next.

£10.25 + P&P each



Robert Reed - Sanctuary II. 2xCD+DVD

Rob quite rightly is now mentioned in the same breath as artists such as Steven Wilson and his first Sanctuary album has widely been accepted as a progressive masterpiece so different yet so prog, this follow-up delivers for the listener in every department - A great album!

Later in the year Rob will play the album live, make sure you don't miss the musical gig of 2016

£12.25 + P&P




Malcolm Smith - We Were Here. CD

Metaphor's main man's new album, intricate and melodically complex symphonic prog with lots of twists and turns.

Back in Stock by popular demand - limited supply direct from Malcom himself - Highly Recommended!

£9.45 + P&P





Decameron - Ten Days in 100 Novellas - Part III. 4xCD

Third and final part of this epic trilogy and like the earlier parts is a 4xCD set featuring 35 great bands from around the globe with a 64 page booklet (artwork by Ed Unitsky) - Prog Feast!.

£20.95 + P&P




Cyril - Paralysed. CD

Behind this simple little word lies one of Germany's most talented Prog bands steeped in all the best traditions of 1970's Prog with an ear for more mainstream audiences as well - Caerllysi Fav.

£10.25 + P&P





Anderson/Stolt - Invention Of Knowledge. Special Edition Digipak CD

Two Prog Heavyweights with a new collaboration of music in the spirit of early epic works such as Topographic Oceans.

£12.25 + P&P




Multi Story - Crimson Stone. CD

WOW! Even by Prog standards 29 years between albums is stretching things - highly awaited to say the least! Enjoy Folks!.

£9.95 + P&P





Karmakanic - Dot. CD+DVD

Latest studio release from Jonas Reingold and other Flower Kings members and members of The Tangent and Agents of Mercy, plus Live DVD.

£13.75 + P&P




Ghost Community - Cycle of Life. CD

Matt Cohen and Simon Rogers combine to bring us an exciting Summer Rock Prog album, real uplifting stuff and sure to be selling like hot cakes..

£9.49 + P&P




Tilt - Hinterland. CD

Long awaited album from Boult, Stewart and Vantsis who have written, recorded and toured with Fish along with Paul Humphreys and PJ Dourley, an album you must check out folks!

£11.49 + P&P





Elephant Plaza - Momentum. CD
A Magic Pie Offshoot Project - Gilbert Marshall plays Keyboards and Lead Vocals on this exciting new project championed by Progress Records - Need we say more!.

£9.25 + P&P





Tiles - Pretending 2 Run. 2xCD

The bands first release in eight years is a full blown Prog concept double CD with a host of special guests including Ian Anderson, Mike Portnoy and Matthew Parmenter, twenty five piece orchestra , string quartet help the ambitious concept. Prog at its very best..

£10.75 + P&P




Oak - Lighthouse. CD

Debut release from the Norwegian outfit championed by Plastic Head Distributors, the players and the music are exceptionally diverse - Interesting!

£10.25 + P&P





Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence. CD

PreOrder : release date 13th June 2016. Robin Armstrong is becoming one of a new breed of UK artists who are helping make today one of the most exiting periods in Prog, Not to be missed..

£9.75 + P&P




XII Alfonso - Djenné. CD

Philippe Claerhout is a very talented French prog artist who has created such great works as the Charles Darwin box set, a magical story teller ably assisted as always by classy musicians from far and wide, legends blend with reality in the musical world of Djenné - Recommended!

£9.49 + P&P





Paul Bremner (IZZ) - The Witness. CD

The distinguished IZZ guitarist and fabulous song craftsman's new solo project, a must for all IZZ and Prog lovers - includes the epic 20 minute Last Exit Before Toll (Car Crash Song) Wow!

£8.49 + P&P





Holy Lamb - Gyrosophy. CD

Latvian Progsters fourth release - part of the great Musea family - enjoy!.

£9.95 + P&P




Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part One. CD

Excellent follow-up album, and part 1 of an ambitious 2 part project, powerful structures, strong melodies and enhanced variations of musical styles..

£9.85 + P&P


Jean Pierre Louveton - Retrospections Volume 2. CD

Caerllysi Music Favourite - The French Progster is back with another outstanding solo project.

£9.75 + P&P





Profuna Ocean - In Vacuum. CD

Second opus from the Norwegian melodic rock outfit, the band produces an excellent mix of melody and heavy symphonic music with strong guitar and keyboard with blends of daringness and light..

£9.45 + P&P




We Are Kin - ... And I Know... .CD

Second release from the young Manchester UK Prog Rockers great follow-up to the concept album Pandora.

£9.49 + P&P






A major statement from Whiteknight Records of their commitment to the future of Progressive Rock, the finest exponents Salva, Peter Jones of Tigermoth Tales and Steve Thorne display their talents to the full.


Salva - Sigh Of Boreas. CD 

One of the founding sons of the Whitekinight label, 5 years on Per Malmberg is back and this is why we love him. Great Stuff.

Released 1st May 2016

£9.00 + P&P




Steve Thorne - Island Of Imbeciles  £9.50 +  P&P

(released 1st April 2016)


Red Bazar - Tales From The Bookcase  £9.00 +  P&P

(released 22nd March 2016)



Big Big Train - Folklore. CD

The Epic Tour De Force from one of our genre's leading lights, musical composition and storytelling at a heady level!

£9.75 + P&P





Karfagen - 7

The seventh Karfagen chapter is a journey into myths and legends, a search for the truth within the figments of the imagination, everything and everywhere...

£8.00 + P&P




Elaine Samuels And Kindred Spirit - Phoenix Rising. CD

Latest Prog (Folk) Rock featuring perceptive and intriguing songs haunting and beautiful voice with awesome flute, sax, violin etc..

£8.49 + P&P





The Samurai of Prog - Lost And Found. 2xCD

Truly inspiring multi-national progressive project, The Samurai of Prog has rightly gained the higher reputation for it's musical excellence and as with Imperial Hotel one of the very best presentation booklets around.

£13.75 + P&P




David Foster - Dreamless. CD

(Steve Rothery, Mr So&So, Panic Room)

Dave's unique style of songwriting arranging and guitar playing are on full display here, 11 tracks that contain everything from dark moody epics to delicate acoustic numbers, Classy Stuff!.

£10.25 + P&P





Frost - Falling Satellites. CD Special Edition Mediabook

One of progs leading bands, Jem Godfrey returns with their first studio album in 8 years in a quality media book with 2 extra tracks.

£12.45 + P&P





Drifting Sun - Safe Asylum. Limited Edition CD

Quility NeoProg with melodic excellence at the heart.

£9.25 + P&P





Toxic Smile - Farewell. CD

Concept album from Marek Arnold (Seven Steps To The Green Door) highly rated keyboardist and composer a musical maelstrom!.

£9.85 + P&P





Lee Abraham - The Seasons Turn. CD

Ex Galahad man's 5th studio album, as ever he compliments his superb writing with prog friends of the highest quality.

£9.95 + P&P





Anima Mundi - I Me Myself. CD

Their most eclectic to date and a real continuum to "The Way", its been six years the wait and this is a major release of 2016.


£9.75 + P&P





One of the new shinning lights of Prog featuring Gavin Harrison and Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree).

£9.69 + P&P



Big Big Train - Stone & Steel. Blu-ray Video

Beautiful case book design, 5.1 HD and stereo audio, three hours of Big Big Train includes performances from Real World 2014 and London 2015.

£14.49 + P&P





Nine Stones Close - Leaves. CD

Adrian is back with a new and powerful lineup that includes Christiaan Bruin of Black Codex fame on keyboards, music that is forever evolving with rich landscapes and wide horizons.

£9.45 + P&P




Josh & Co Ltd - Transylvania - Part 1 - The Count Demands It. CD

Mostly Autumns front man brings us an album of imaginative storytelling with musicianship of the highest level in this part 1 of the great tale, Olivia, Anna and Alex are also on board along with Caerllysi fav' Marc Atkinson (Mandalaband). Enjoyment Guaranteed! 

£10.35 + P&P



I Am The Manic Whale - Everything Beautiful In Time. CD

Outstanding debut album from this UK quintet that has an abundance of melodic beauty, grandiose panorama of sound and a wealth of excellent keys, there everything here from hints of early Spock's beard to later Salem hill, Well done!.

£8.99 + P&P




Southern Empire. CD+DVD

The new band from Steve Timms of Unitopia championed by GEP.

£10.25 + P&P




Konchordat - Rise To The Order. CD

The London based outfit are back with their 3rd slice of power prog as always epic with an emotional heart, majestic and grandiose with a driving rock edge!

£9.99 + P&P




Trettioåriga Kriget - Seaside Air. CD

Swedish prog legends who led the way for fellow countrymen Änglagård and Anekdoten. Quality Neo Prog.

£9.99 + P&P




Fractal Mirror - Slow Burn 1. CD

Dutch outfit with two keyboard players plus a helping hand from Echolyn guitarist Brett Kull, lots of fab keys, synth and mellotron melodies. Inspiring, intelligent and original..

£8.99 + P&P




Rikard Sjöblom (Beardfish, Big Big Train, Gungfly) - The Unbendable Sleep. CD

Multi instrumentalist of Beardfish, Big Big Train and Gungfly fame - need we say more!

£10.45 + P&P




The Syn - Trustworks (featuring Moon Safari). CD

Vocalist and founding member Steve Nardelli brings the Moon Safari guys on board for his latest slice of prog..

£10.35 + P&P




High Spy - Paralysed & Hypnotised. CD

Mark Price of Final Conflict, Grace and Framework fame's latest classy keyboard driven prog with crafted atmospheric guitar work - Enjoy!

£8.00 + P&P




Mantra Vega - The Illusion's Reckoning. CD

Heather Findlay (Mostly Autumn) and Dave Kerzner (Sound Of Contact's) lead this project band - WOW!

£9.75 + P&P




Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) - All Our Yesterdays. CD

Mr Discipline's first solo offering in 8 years! Not to be missed , all encompassing musical odyssey.

£9.99 + P&P




Godsticks - Emergence. CD

These Prog Metal Wizards from Wales are better known for being the bass and drums of the mighty Magenta's stage sound and they have stepped out into the spotlight - and how!

£8.75 + P&P




N.y.X - The News. CD 

Adrian Belew and Trey Gunn (King Crimson) are amongst the guests of this talented Italian eclectic progsters long awaited follow-up album.

£8.99 + P&P





Sunchild - Synesthesia. CD

Synesthesia is a powerful, melodic magnificent collection of songs that will brighten up your summer, it's the perfect musical tonic. Will - Caerllysi Music.

£8.00 + P&P





Kiama - Sign of IV. CD

Rob Reed (Magenta, Kompendium) throws down the musical gauntlet to all budding rock bands with a powerful throwback album which takes you back to the golden days of Zeppelin and Queen!!!

£9.00 + P&P




Lazuli - Nos Ames Saoules. CD

Classy and very popular Fench ensemble who play arousing, enchanting and vigorous progressive rock.

£10.45 + P&P




Martigan - Distant Monsters. CD

A new martigan CD is always special premier league, neo-prog from the kings of Colonge - Recommended.

£9.85 + P&P




Steven Wilson - 4½. EPCD

An interim release of six tracks running time 37 minutes, digipak with an 8 page booklet.  4 previously unused songs written or recorded during the Hand. Cannot. Erase. sessions, one written during sessions for The Raven That Refused to Sing, and a recent (mostly) live recording of an older song Don’t Hate Me

£9.75 + P&P




Magnesis - La Dame De Braise. CD

French Neo-Prog, Great Concepts, Superb Storytelling with Melodies and Musicianship to match.

£9.95 + P&P




Pagan Harvest. CD

Prog meets folk - debut CD on the Musea label for very interesting band from Bristol.

£9.99 + P&P




Galahad - When Worlds Collide. 2xCD

30 year double CD retrospective with a twist, 10 of the tracks are brand new versions - 2 hours and 36 minutes of the finest UK prog.

£10.75 + P&P




Ed Bernard (Druckfarben and FM) - Polydactyl. CD

Canadian multi instrumentalist, composer and producer. Melodic vocals by Cameron Hawkins (FM) soaring guitars, orchestral thunder, folk mandolins - shear sonic excellence.

£9.45 + P&P




Odin's Court - Deathanity (R3). CD

Rerecorded, Remixed and Remastered, the ambitious concept album from one of Caerllysi Music's favourite USA metal bands.

£9.40 + P&P


£17.00 + P&P




Ten Years of the Summers End Progressive Rock Festival. Book

Limited number and signed superior 96 page history of the UK Prog Festival which is firmly established in all our hearts - Huw and Stephen take a bow!

£12.99 + P&P




Cast - Vida. CD

New offering from one of our musics highly acclaimed international bands.

£9.95 + P&P




Quorum - Another World. CD

Championed by the legendary Russian label MALS, the follow up to the highly acclaimed Klubkins Voyage.

£9.79 + P&P