iq - scrape across the sky s

IQ - Scrape Across The Sky. Blu-ray

Release Date : 2017

PLEASE NOTE:  This was filmed and authored in 25 frames per second, the European standard. Most modern players worldwide will play this with no problem, but we’re told that some of the older US equipment has difficulty with 25 frames per second.
Please check that your equipment is compatible before ordering this item.

1. Intro 2. Awake And Nervous 3. The Darkest Hour 4. From The Outside In 5. The Road Of Bones 6. Frequency 7. Without Walls 8. Ocean 9. Leap of Faith 10. Until The End 11. Outer Limits 12. The Seventh House Encores: 13. Ten Million Demons 14. Widow's Peak - With audio in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, the special features include: • ‘The Encores’ from the Borederij gig. • ‘Until The End’ - video from the 2014 Lorelei festival • ‘The Projections’ - just the projections used in the gig accompanied by the live audio • ‘The Art of The Road of Bones’ - Peter Nicholls in conversation with Tony Lythgoe, graphic artist and designer of the striking album cover and logo for IQ’s recent album ‘The Road of Bones’ • ‘Photo Gallery’