mandalaband - ad sangreal

Mandalaband - IV AD Sangreal. CD

Release Date : 2011

1. A Bloodline Born   2. Magdalena   3. Palatium Britannicum   4. England's Heart and Soul   5. Sancto Laurent   6. Flight to Osca   7. Visigoths   8. Saracens   9. Al-Andalus   10. Unholy Orders   11. The Kingdom of Aragon   12. Holy Orders   13. Le Perche Val   14. Anfortas Rex   15. Galadriel [Bonus Track]





The second of the new Mandalaband concept albums is finally released, after four years in the making. Following on from the widely acclaimed BC – ANCESTORS CD, we now have AD – SANGREAL to absorb and savour. Whilst BC focussed on the pre-Christian era of ancient Egypt, Israel and Mesopotamia, AD takes the first one thousand years of early Christianity as its theme – specifically the legend of the Holy Grail or Sangreal. But this is not the famous Arthurian tale with which we are all familiar.

This is the true story of the cup of the Last Supper, as handed down to us from within the little-known Romano-Spanish traditions – a small red agate vessel which, over the centuries, journeyed from Jerusalem to Glastonbury, then to Rome, and on to the kingdom of Aragon in Spain, before finally finding its rest in the cathedral of Valencia where the Sangreal remains to this day. All the extraordinary events, heroes and villains involved in that epic journey are revealed in the lyrics of AD – SANGREAL … a story told in majestic ballads, stirring melodies and a complex tapestry of weaving rhythms … a story of emperors, kings, caliphs, warriors, crusaders, knights and saints.

Epic in every sense of that word, AD – SANGREAL consists of 14 tracks, many of which are spectacular anthems. In addition there is a very special bonus track, featuring Woolly Wolstenholme (of BJH and Maestoso) as lead vocalist on Mandalaband’s rendition of the classic Barclay James Harvest song ‘Galadriel’.

Engineered and Produced by David Rohl.