karfagen 7

Karfagen - 7. CD

Release Date : 2015

1. Seven Gates 28:27 2. Now and Ever 6:36 3. Hopeless Dreamer 7:36 4. Alight Again 9:25 bonus track 5. Seven Gates (edited version)  15:25 Total : 67mins



GREAT MELODIES. Melodies are the gold bar currency of Progressive Rock and there's enough of them in AKP’s latest offering to sink a battleship!
Remaining loyal to the gorgeous ethnic sound that is the bands trademark as ever
Kalugin also stays true to his love of early CAMEL, FOCUS and THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT to name just a few.

The seventh Karfagen chapter is a journey into myths and legends, a search for the truth within the figments of the imagination, everything and everywhere.

It concerns the mighty luck and inexplicable power of  “7”. Things that impress folk so much that it can even become an obsession taking over there whole lives. WOW such power. “7”

Centred around the epic 28 minute monster track “Seven Gates” this is a journey you must get your ticket for and climb on board another MAGICAL CARPET ride from the great man and LONG MAY IT CONTINUE.

I was safely seated on that ride from the begining, it was 4 months of the most exciting exhilarating musical experience I have been lucky enough to be involved in and thats saying something with the list of quality albums I have been privileged down the years to be on board with. SO CHECK OUT you lucky folks !


Will - Caerllysi Music