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Release Date : 2020

 Kalugin's DNA is at its heart but new elements are a plenty as always, grandiose, imposing and imperial, this latest opus is triumphed by seductive classical live flute, viola and bassoon.

Two progressive art rock suites with melodic excellence show Kalugin at the very height of his creative and spellbinding production powers, the two bonus tracks on this limited issue are elite tracks in their own right that will leave you reaching for the replay button.

Just who can top this in 2020? probably only Kalugin himself as he's already hard at work on the follow up!

 Track Listing: 01. Birds of Passage Part 1 (22:41) 02. Birds of Passage Part 2 (21:15) Bonus Tracks 03. Spring (4:35) 04. Sunrise (5:23)