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Release Date : 2020

Very few musicians have created as much excitement and love as Peter Jones has and we at Caerllysi Music and White Knight Records are rightly very proud of this. His Tiger Moth Tales vehicle is already well established on the hit list of progrock and Peter turns his hand here to a very personal and stunningly emotional offering that hits home brilliantly everything we admire and think of him.

CD 1. Taking the Dawn 2. The Whispering of the World 3. Sweeter than Wine 4. Quiet Night 5. A Town by the Sea 6. Blackbird 7. Waving, Drowning 8. Lost to the Years

DVD The Quiet Room Session 1. Introduction 2. Feels Alright 3. Match Girl 4. The Ballad of Longshanks John 5. Hygge 6. Blackbird 7. Taking the Dawn 8. A Visit to Chigwick

Promo Videos 1. Interview 2. Blackbird 3. The Whispering of the World