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Release Date : 2020

David is better known for his work with Camel over the years and his debut CD included the great Andy Latimer guesting on the opening track, the album 'Random Acts of Beauty' was a major success. A decade later we have the follow up and WOW this is elite symphonic prog with melodies galore with vocals from Hayward and Haslam along with instrumentals with Hackett and Sherwood give a fabulous balance to this opus. Best check it out!

1. The Wind of Heaven (Prologue) (8:29) 2. All In (6:24) 3. Faith Hope Love (3:32) 4. The Sound of Dreams (First Movement) (4:03) 5. The Sound of Dreams (Second Movement) (2:03) 6. The Sound of Dreams (Third Movement) (4:38) 7. Road to Nothingness (6:04) 8. Room with Dark Corners (6:13) 9. Hold Back the Rain (4:31) 10. Twin Flames at Twilight (13:42) 11. So Far from Home (5:16) 12. The Wind of Heaven (Epilogue) (10:02)