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Release Date : 2021

The musical progressive juggernaut that is Antony Kalugin produces a tour de force with the follow up to the magnificent ‘Marshmallow Moondust’.

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As a full time artist and having lost hundreds of hours rehearsing and playing live since last March he has spent his time to the maximum composing and recording, being a multi talented musician and producer the studio is his oyster.

As ever seeking to evolve ‘Stellar Gardener’ is a symphonic and classical opus of immense proportions and a dynamic roller coaster ride never to be forgotten, it’s addictive to repeating endlessly, enjoyment guaranteed.

1. Stellar (20:04) 2. Gardener (20:53)

Bonus tracks: 3. Stellar Castle (3:52) 4. Stellar Garden (4:38) 5. Stellar Age (3:42) 6. Stellar Heart (2:06)