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Release Date : 2022

Antony Kalugin is in magnificent form with this his latest release....

It is hard to believe after working alongside Antony for over 15 years hearing the birth of every track he has ever recorded from continuum onwards, I bloody well still get hugely excited and spellbound by the working process from the initial demo to final masterpiece.

Once again, like a classic storybook which unfolds with endless pages, the emotional journey he takes one on stays with you long after the final note.

The melodies are as memorable and stunning as ever and the live saxophone and flute add a warming Canterbury and even jazz edge to some of the pieces.

His keyboard playing and the endless musical interplays are enriched by some of the finest melodic and flowing guitar solos I have heard in many a year.

Here is the best and only way to start 2022 musically bringing endless bright sunshine into our own creative minds, we are so lucky to be in the court of king Antony a musical genius - so come and visit the 'Land Of Green And Gold' you will not want to leave it!

Will – Caerllysi Music

Chapter 1: Land of Green 1. Kingfisher and Dragonflies (Part 3) (2:11) 2. Land of Green (Part 1) (11:00) 3. Land of Green (Part 2) (3:30) 4. Solis Festum (1:39) 5. Land of Green (Part 3) (4:58) 6. Pastoral (1:34)

Chapter 2: Land of Gold 7. Garden of Hope (Part 1) (7:49) 8. Land of Gold (13:20) 9. Garden of Hope (Part 2) (4:31)

Chapter 3: Land of Jazz (bonus tracks) 10. Land of Jazz (6:37) 11. Land of Jazz (outro) (0:44)