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Release Date : 2023

A real art rock feast here for lovers of Antony's Karfagen project, the core of CD one comes from the creative period during the Dragon and Bird sessions, they are musically as powerful, energising and divergent as anything you will have heard to date from him whilst still displaying the distinct Karfagen hallmarks....

With a mix of Jazz, Zappa, Tony Banks and Antony's own unique musical styles you can experience just how musically diverse the recordings are. The album includes some bird melodies which beautifully tie the two albums both in sound and spirit whilst the bonus track is a remixed and remastered version of the previous digital only single 'The Day Is Done'.

Disc 2 is a directors cut, an instrumental version totally reworked from the Passages studio album, its unique and stunning in its own right musically dispatching the listener on a journey only an elite musician can create.

So what original started out as one new studio opus plus a bonus disc is now very much two fully blown Karfagen albums to savour over, how lucky can we be!

Disc 1: 1. Kingfisher and Dragonflies (part 4) (3:01) 2. Mysterious Forest (part 1) - World in a Grain of Sand (14:03) 3. Mysterious Forest (part 2) - the Ominous Ride (4:21) 4. To Those Who Dwell in Realms of Day (2:18) 5. Birds of Passage and the Enchanted Forest (19:02) 6. Through the Whispers of the Wind (1:38) 7. Mysterious Forest (part 3) - World in a Grain of Sand Reprise (4:15) 8. Birds of Passage and the Enchanted Forest (Single Version) (9:59)

Disc 2: 9. Birds (part 1) (22:08) 10. Birds Piano Intermezzo (1:14) 11. Birds (Part 2) (7:09) 12. Birds (Part 3) (18:40) 13. The Day is Done (2023 Remastered Version) (4:48) 14. Birds Short Introduction (3:20)