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Release Date : 2023

I am sure all followers of our shop are more than aware now of Antony's plight, the one good thing to come out of this nightmare is the freedom it has given him musically during 2023, he has been able to share on many stages across western Europe his feelings and the love shown to him and his musicians is reflected in the beautiful atmosphere of the live recording, 77 minutes of undiluted prog which includes a rare performance of my favourite AKP track of all time 'Out of the darkness' very appropriate for the occasion.

1. Another Friday Night (09:09) 2. Shall We Run? (04:35) video 3. Rain Drops (06:40) 4. The Reason Why (04:38) video 5. Visionary Sights (04:46) 6. Grail and Time (05:54) 7. The Invisible Line (09:02) 8. Out of the Darkness (11:50) 9. Close to Heaven (02:57) 10. Amused Fair (06:21) 11. Father (05:04) 12. A Day Without Rain (06:30)