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Release Date : 2024

Hooray Folks! Antony greets 2024 with his latest studio opus, the nine tracks all new return to the very popular 'Messages from Afar', even by Kalugin's standards this is a brave offering musically and will without doubt be a front runner with many who's stumps are drawn in December for favourite albums of the year, 'Searching for Mr Kite' and 'Bright Little Star' have quickly become all time AKP favs. Love it!

1. Ride Your Dream (3:41) 2. Fantasion (7:25) 3. November Blue (4:34) 4. Bond of Love (Expanded Version) (7:02) 5. Agora by Night (4:31) 6. Daybreak (3:47) 7. Bright Little Star (3:55) 8. Searching for Mr. Kite (Expanded Version) (11:04) 9. Second Nature (2:25)  bonus tracks (featuring the music of Dmytro Ignatov) : 10. Flying High (3:23) 11. Another Day (1:43) 12. One Last Time (3:55)