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Release Date : 2024

Caerllysi Music applauds the latest offering from our dear friend Pat Sanders, Drifting Sun project is now on studio album No.8 and Veil hits you right between the old earholes! with heavy multi-layered neo prog keyboards which is Pat's delicious trademark with colourful melodies, strong catchy hooks and sweeping guitar solos.

The popularity of Pat's music continues to grow and his success is due to his devotion of so much of his time to creating music for our enjoyment. We love it!

1. Veiled (2:00) 2. Frailty (12:05) 3. Eros and Psyche (5:12) 4. The Thing (7:49) 5. 2-Minute Waltz (2:00) 6. Through the Veil (5:45) 7. The Old Man (5:44) 8. Cirkus (6:34)