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Release Date : 2024

Rob Reed is without doubt one of our finest composers, musicians and producers and for the first time the ultra professional and perfectionist has taken a leap of faith to Blu-ray and provided the ultimate experience for us the listener.

A stellar cast joined Rob at Newbury last year, the sanctuary live event also includes some other gems from Robs extensive catalogue..

This is sure to be an award winning presentation, it's limited in its run so don't miss it!

CD:  1. Sanctuary 1 Part One 2. Albatross 3. Swan Feathered Girl 4. Rio Grande 5. Marimba 6. Salzburg 7. Dr Who 8. Mr Penning Standing Blue 9. Sendlinger's Song 10. Sanctuary 2 Part One 11. Willow’s Song

Blu-ray:  1. Sanctuary 1 Part One   2. Albatross Swan  3. Feathered Girl  4. Rio Grande  5. Marimba  6. Salzburg  7. Dr Who  8. Mr Penning Standing Blue   9. Sanctuary Jig   10. Sendlinger's Song  11. Sanctuary 2 Part One  12.  Willow’s Song  Encore: Salzburg

Stereo and 5.1 DTS Digital Surround