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Release Date : 2024

Amarok are now in the elite tier of Polish prog, led by the ultra talented Michał Wojtas, Hope is the final chapter of the successful trilogy which started with Hunt and duly followed by Hero.

Whilst the band have some typical Polish prog traits they do not end up sounding like anyone else partly due to Michałs vocal performance and the way their music uses space, layers, bass and percussion effectively and distinctly.

1. Hope Is (4:44) 2. Stay Human (5:52) 3. Insomnia (6:06) 4. Trail (7:07) 5. Welcome (5:16) 6. Queen (5:15) 7. Perfect Run (5:50) 8. Don't Surrender (6:59) 9. Simple Pleasures (7:34) 10. Dolina (3:09)