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Release Date : 2024

Wow - Andy Tillson is a man on a mission after some 40 years of creating and recording prog he has decided to move from his usual 'me only' demo stage with Tangent to completing the whole recording process himself, guitar, bass and drums are all AT and the end result is magnificent.

This collectors limited edition comes with extensive 24 page booklet and bonus track, So don't delay folks, don't miss out!

1. The North Sky (11:08) 2. A "Like" in the Darkness (8:19) 3. The Fine Line (8:04) 4. The Anachronism (21:01) 5. The Single (From a Re-Opened Time Capsule) (5:52) - Bonus tracks: 6. The North Sky (radio edit) (3:42) Bonus track: 7. Tea at Betty's (17:31)