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Release Date : 2024

Robin Armstrong's Gravity Dreams label brings us this exciting collaboration created by ex The Winter machine ultra talented John Cook, he recruited Charlie Bramald (Ghost of the Machine) on vocals, Mark Gatland (Hats off Gentlemen) and Dom Bemison (ex Winter Machine) as the core to create a very special début album that explores fully and beyond the boundaries of melodic accessible progressive rock and metal evoking one unique sonic atmos' in the process - a huge thumbs up from CAERLLYSI MUSIC!

1. The Uninvited (Ft. Ruby Jones) 2. Break My Bones 3. Compromised 4. Protect Me 5. The Plea 6. Take Me Down (Ft. Philip Stuckey & Ruby Jones) 7. A Game Of Whispers 8. The Point Of No Return 9. Oceans 10. The Left Unsaid 11. Sneak Attack 12. My Peace